Why "Track Anything, Anytime, Anywhere" is no longer enough

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Just being able to track something wherever it is in the world and see where it moves in real time seemed beyond everyone's reach only a few years ago. Today that seems straightforward, using GPS trackers which are able to switch to land based systems using mobile phone masts- provides pretty much global cover. At TrackerSense we've tracked camels in the Gulf, film rushes in Namibia, daily deliveries across the Atlantic and Amazon orders cross-border in Europe.

But clients have responded with a whole set of additional challenges; in pharmaceuticals regulations require temperature sensing; in electronics, humidity can be critical and everyone demands security. TrackerSense 365 can detect temperature, humidity, pressure, light levels and even acceleration. Simply using the light sensor, it shows where a package has been opened on its journey - hopefully when it's in the customer's hands.

Technically these challenges are not just about adding sensors- our market leading power management technology means that by working closely with clients we can programme the devices to maximise battery life. Our standard these days is 28 days - more than the longest journey.

And of course often with more technology comes more cost. Our growth has meant we buy more efficiently and keep our UK manufacturing and assembly costs low.

So is it now just a case of job done? Far from it. We continue to develop and evolve our technology, improve power management, reduce cost, ready for the next set of challenges.

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